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Central BBQ

Where to Go for Barbecue in West Tennessee

Eat your way through West Tennessee at these barbecue staples.

Memphis is synonymous with barbecue. Regarded by many as the barbecue capital of the world and located in Tennessee that holds the title for Best Barbecue in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, it's safe to say that when you come to Memphis, you'll leave well-fed. Travel through Jackson and Brownsville, Tennessee for even more barbecue tastes that can only be Made in Tennessee.

This list is just a sampling of delicious barbecue in West Tennessee. For even more mouth-watering options, go to

A&R Bar-B-Que – Memphis

Andrew and Rose Pollard's loyal followers are all about their rib tip and chopped beef sandwiches drizzled in tangy signature sauce. The Rib Tip Sandwich is grilled perfectly and topped with their signature barbecue sauce and slaw served on sliced bread. It's a Made in Tennessee taste of heaven.

Helen's Bar-B-Q – Brownsville

Helen's Bar-B-Q

Follow the woody smoke to rural West Tennessee where you'll find Helen Turner laboring over juicy pork shoulder. She holds her own as one of the nation's few female pit cooks. See the process then taste the product with a succulent pork sandwich or ribs that will make you want to lick the plate clean.

Interstate Bar-B-Que – Memphis

Some of the best tasting barbecue can be found in this restaurant on any given day in Memphis. Sure, you have the slabs of pork and beef ribs where the meat is so tender, it gently falls off the bone and the pork sandwiches are literally finger-licking good, but what makes Interstate so unique is that they have a barbecue version of just about everything. From salad to spaghetti, nachos to hot dogs, the menu is a barbecue lover's dream.

Central BBQ – Memphis

(Credit: Central BBQ)

Another Memphis staple is Central BBQ, where many locals go to get their barbecue fix. Order your favorite whether it's pork, ribs, chicken, hot wings, or even bologna. Get 7 oz. of pork with the dry rub or the brisket which is rubbed with a hot rub, marinated, and then smoked to perfection. Save room to savor the desserts: cheese cake and peanut butter pie. Open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., you can get Central BBQ in three locations: downtown, midtown and on Summer Avenue in east Memphis.

Exit 87 BBQ – Jackson

When Tennessee gives its locals and travelers beautiful weather, it's a good choice to sit down at one of the five picnic tables outside of the I-40 Exit 87 BBQ Stand in Jackson, Tennessee for some high-regarded barbecue. This humble barbecue stand serves up delicious barbecue to those travelers who want to find authentic, hidden gems. If you want a unique, no-fuss barbecue experience, head here.

Cozy Corner Bar-B-Que – Memphis

Find heaven in a plate of ribs. Sop up extra barbecue sauce with the last bite of your pork sandwich. Take a bite of melt-in-your-mouth barbecue beef. Welcome to Cozy Corner, where they pride themselves in giving you a memorable Memphis ‘que experience. Have a side of barbecue beans or Cole slaw and finish off the meal with the delicious banana pudding or sweet potato pie.