The Young Fables

The Young Fables’ favorite memories in East Tennessee

We followed The Young Fables, an up-and-coming country duo, to see their favorites places in East Tennessee.

We spent the day with up-and-coming country duo The Young Fables exploring a few of their favorite places in Tennessee before their homecoming concert in Maryville. As partners in both music and life, adorable couple Wes and Laurel are known for writing songs based on their own love story. The two got together when Wes filled in last minute for Laurel’s lead guitarist at a show, and they have been making music together ever since. Along with winning the Nashville finals of Nash FM’s Nash Next competition, the pair have become regulars on “America’s Morning Show.” After releasing their debut album, they are now touring Tennessee points of interest and performing for in-the-know country music aficionados. With such a strong following so far, we’re sure much more is to come for The Young Fables.

First on the agenda was a radio interview with 107.7 WIVK-FM in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wes and Laurel discussed how excited they were to play a show in their hometown and share their love for Maryville in partnership with Tennessee Tourism. In addition, they performed their original song “Two,” a sweet, bubbly song about finding your perfect match, from their debut album.

Lookout Spot on the Foothills Parkway

Once Laurel and Wes finished their interview in Knoxville, we hit the road on the Foothills Parkway to see the town where they grew up — Maryville. When people think Tennessee, they often think of the hustle and bustle of Nashville or Memphis, but Maryville is a hidden gem nestled in the Smoky Mountains that makes an unforgettable addition to any Tennessee adventure. With endless nature to explore, tons of heart and, of course, the best live music, East Tennessee is a definite can’t-miss destination. On the first stop of our journey to Maryville, Wes and Laurel serenaded us with an impromptu song overlooking the Smokies: “Been around the world, but I’m sure this is the top, and if you’re in a pinch, it’s a pretty good make-out spot.”

Visiting Home in Maryville

After taking in the picturesque views, we visited the house where Wes grew up. Wes and Laurel treated us to another quick tune about his now abandoned childhood home before visiting Laurel’s Mamaw’s house. While there, we saw the porch swing where Wes and Laurel wrote many of The Young Fables’ songs together. After meeting Laurel’s Mamaw and Papaw, we headed to Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria to get a front-row seat for The Young Fables’ homecoming show.

Hometown Show at Barley’s Taproom

We grabbed a pepperoni pizza at the venue and met the rest of the band before the show. Thanks to Snapchat Spectacles, The Young Fables showed us their perspective from the stage. Judging by the crowd’s cheers, the packed house at Barley’s Taproom loved the performance. Follow Tennessee on Snapchat to see more up-and-coming artists and the places in Tennessee they love most.