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Tennessee Civil Rights Trail Hero
What happened here changed the world

Tennessee Civil Rights Trail

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The US Civil Rights Trail

is a collection of churches, courthouses, schools, museums and other landmarks that played a pivotal role in advancing social justice in the 1950s and 1960s.

To explore the Tennessee Civil Rights Trail: Listen to the Civil Rights Trail history podcast, plan your Civil Rights road trip, or get your digital passport below.

Tennessee Civil Rights Trail Podcast

Be inspired by real stories of people who lived during some of the most significant moments of the Civil Rights Movement to occur in Tennessee. Listen below to learn about what took place, who made a difference, and why it is still relevant today.

TN Civil Rights Trail Passport

Visit the 14 Tennessee stops on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. Each site tells the stories of brave individuals who strove to secure their American civil rights. Get the digital passport for detailed information to explore the trail.

TN Civil Rights Trail Locations

From Memphis to Nashville to Clinton—explore the churches, courthouses, schools, museums, and other Tennessee landmarks on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail.