Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Mar 16

Bell Buckle Daffodil Day

Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

Bell Buckle, TN

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What:    47th Annual Bell Buckle Daffodil Day

Where:  Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee

When:   Saturday, March 16, 2024 10:00am – 4:00pm        

Who:     Sponsored by the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce


You know that old saying “Smile and the World smiles with you”?  Well, it started with a daffodil!  No one could ever look at those bright little happy yellow smiling faces and not smile back!  And Bell Buckle is all about smiles AND daffodils. They go together like, shall we say, an RC and a MoonPie!  Talk about tying this one together! 


So put a big smile on your face and head to Bell Buckle on Saturday, March 16th for the 47th Annual Daffodil Day.  Wow, 47 years!  That’s a lot of daffodils to smile about.  There is the ever popular Daffodil Day Flower Show, the tree seedling give away, spring plantings for sale, new spring merchandise at the stores, and so much more to do and smile about!


The Daffodil Flower Show has really become quite the competition over the last few years. So to keep the fun and smiles flowing, this year there has been a few new categories to enter! Announcing two new Youth categories:  (1) multiple blooms per stem (up to 10 years of age) and (2) multiple blooms per stem (11 to 18 years of age). 

Y’all asked, and we listened!  Ribbons are awarded for each category in first, second, and third place.  Go to for more information on entering including times and instructions on the different daffodil classes.  So get busy perusing your fields of flowers for that perfect little smiling yellow petals for 2024 bragging rights!  And you know what will really make you smile?  It’s free to enter!  I mean you can’t beat free, can you?!!!


Bell Buckle will also be giving out FREE tree seedlings for the 24th year in a row as part of its Tree City USA status.  Yep, that “free” word again. Bet you’re smiling again too!  This year’s seedlings to be given away are Mockernut Oak, Shellbark Hickory, and Persimmon trees. They will be available on the quilt square downtown in front of the stores. But don’t lollygag around and miss out. There is a limited amount and when they’re gone, whoosh, they’re gone!  And don’t you just automatically start smiling when you see the tree lined streets of Bell Buckle waving their stately branches as you enter the sweet little town limits!  Why yes, of course, yes, we all do!


So follow the daffodil lined roads to Bell Buckle on Saturday, March 16th and get ready to smile away and be happy.  Bell Buckle started planting the smiling little yellow faces over 100 years ago and oh how they have multiplied!  Now over a century later, they are still smiling and warming the souls of everyone on their way to Bell Buckle.


Go ahead. Admit it – you’re smiling now, aren’t you?!!!!


Come enjoy the beauty that Spring has to offer in a place that is simply beautiful – Bell Buckle, Tennessee:  Close to home but a world away!


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47th  Annual DAFFODIL DAY 2024 Schedule


Daffodil Show

At the Bell Buckle Banquet Hall

10:00–11:30pm Entries accepted

11:30–12:30 show closed for judging

12:30 Daffodil Show winners announced


Arbor Day Ceremony

2:00 on the Quilt Square

Notable Tree of Bell Buckle recognized

Bell Buckle Citizen of the Year

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Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
Bell Buckle Daffodil Day
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