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In 1890, George Reif moved to Chattanooga with his wife Louise Mueller and their son Charles. The Reif’s became part owners of Conrad Geise & Company, which was later renamed Chattanooga Brewing Company. George was president until his death in 1899. His wife then assumed the presidency of the company. She was well known and respected as being shrewd, efficient and one of the ablest woman in Chattanooga. She was said to have done more charity in Chattanooga than any other one person of the time until her death in 1907. Their son, Charles also worked with his father in the brewing business. The two were the largest stockholders in the Jung Brewing Company until it was sold in 1889. Charles became president of the Chattanooga Brewing Company in 1907, after the death of his mother. The brewery operated until 1915 when prohibition forced its closure.

Housed in a 7,500 square foot facility with a 15-barrel brew house, five 60-barrel tanks, two 20-barrel tanks, and two bright or lagering tanks. The facility has a large retail presence with tasting room and food menu. The occupancy of the tasting room is 147, with two bars and a menu to snack on. The beer will always be the most important part of the business, but now we offer food for those who are hungry. We have tried to stay true to the German styles and recipes that the Rief family used. Beer recipes were and still are kept secret except from the head brewer’s. We have not found the exact recipe that original Chatt Brew used, but have done research and we feel it’s pretty close. We researched the recipes for different styles that the German's were using during the time frame (1890-1915). Our flagship beer is the Imperial Pilsner, which is a German Helles style Pilsner, the same beer that put Chattanooga Brewing on the map more than a hundred years ago.

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