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The W7thCo Gallery is located in the historic downtown district of Columbia, Tennessee. We are fortunate to have a collection of photos that were taken over more than a hundred years by different photographers that lived and worked in Columbia all the way back to the earliest days of photography in America. The story of our gallery is a part of how these photos came to be together and how they are being preserved for generations to come. A few years ago the photos on display in our gallery were almost lost forever. They were housed on the top floor of the Orman Studio where they were being exposed to moisture, temperature extremes and theft. At one point they were nearly sold to be melted down for silver content. Now this extraordinary collection of photos is in the process of being reviewed, documented, catalogued, scanned and put into online storage with a searchable database. As we discover significant images, they are pulled for printing and then gathered for display in quarterly shows. Sales of prints allow us to fund the continued preservation, research and documentation. Our goal is to ensure that these images of American life that are so much a part of our common experience can be seen by the public, appreciated and that they will not be lost to time so that future generations can reconnect to family, history and community.

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BW photo of chic lady by pool with 1962 Galaxie
Mule Day 1947, W 7th Street, Columbia TN
Mule Day 1947
B&W historic phtoo of 1930s Boy Scouts
!930s boy scot troop in Columbia TN
BW photo of Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh works on the Spirit of St Louis 1927 in Columbia TN
W7thCo Vintage Photo Gallery
Wednesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 12 - 4 pm.
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