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Dry Hollow Farm

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Dry Hollow Farm

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Our goats.   Our sheep.   Our craft.   Your choice.

Dry Hollow Farm is a small owner-operated farm in western Tennessee that produces quality, artisan-crafted products from herds of Nigerian Dwarf/Oberhäsli goats and Jacob sheep.  We are committed to humane, eco-friendly livestock tending in order to yearly produce thousands of bars of high-quality goat milk soap as well as diverse wool products such as eco-friendly dryer balls and felted soap.  An Amish-built log cabin available for reservation allows guests to interact with our friendly critters as well as enjoy a peaceful retreat within the western Tennessee countryside.  In June 2019 we opened the Dry Hollow Farm Soap Shop for farm visitors to peruse many of our on-site offerings.  It is open each day.  Feel free to drop by!

Products available include:

  • goat milk soap
  • goat milk sugar scrubs
  • felted soap
  • lotion bars
  • all-natural lip balms
  • felted wool dryer balls
  • cedar sachets
  • children's books (highlighting Dry Hollow Farm)
  • baskets by our local Amish craftswoman
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Dry Hollow Farm sign
Dry Hollow Farm Soap Shop
Dry Hollow Farm Soap Shop
Nigerian Dwarf goat kid
Artisan-crafted goat milk soap
Jacob Sheep ewes
Luffa Goat Milk Soap
The Cabin at Dry Hollow Farm
Artisan-crafted goat milk soap
Dry Hollow Farm Soap Shop
Felted wool dryer balls
Nigerian Dwarf goat kids
Jacob Sheep ram
Goat milk soap with glycerin mosaic
The Shop and Cabin at Dry Hollow Farm
Autumn at Dry Hollow Farm
Dry Hollow Farm
Good Morning, Dry Hollow Farm
Cabin front porch at Dry Hollow Farm
Jacob Sheep ewe
Goat milk soap sugar scrubs
Honey Almond Goat Milk Soap
Lotion Bars
Glycerin and Goat Milk soap combination
Jacob sheep ewe
Jacob Sheep wool
Hello Autumn, Dry Hollow Farm
Barn cat
Nigerian Dwarf buckling
Goat milk sugar scrubs
Lotion bars
Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap
Felted wool dryer balls
Goat milk shaving soaps
The Cabin at Dry Hollow Farm
Cedar Goat Milk Soap
Great Pyrenees livestock guarding dog
Jacob sheep herd
The Cabin at Dry Hollow Farm
Jacob ram
Jacob ewes
The Cabin at Dry Hollow Farm
Basket by Marie, local Amish craftswoman
Luffa Glycerin Soap
Luffa Crop
Dry Hollow Farm


360 Humbles Church Rd.
Huntingdon, TN 38344


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8 am to 8 pm
Dates Closed
The Dry Hollow Farm Soap Shop is open every day, 8 am to 8 pm. It is a small, honor-based retail shop. Feel free to drop in at any time to peruse our offerings or say hello!

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash

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