Darrell's Dream Boundless Playground.  One-of-kind fully accessible complex.

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Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park Boundless Playground Complex

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Darrell's Dream, a Boundless Playground, is a unique one-of-a-kind play area that provides fun and learning opportunities for children of all ages and all abilities. A partnership effort between community volunteers, corporate sponsors and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Darrell's Dream provides hours of fun for children with and without disabilities and their entire families.

Special features include universally accessible playground equipment and surfaces, a walking trail an environmental maze with interactive play stations, an amphitheater, a picnic pavilion, specially designed restroom facilities, and pedestrian bridge. All of this and more in a beautiful natural lakeside setting inside the most visited state park in Tennessee. There is not admission charge.

Charter Communications PAVILION - You'll find this is a perfect gathering spot for children and families to have a snack, sit and chat, or take a brief rest. And the pavilion enhances the environmental education offered by the park naturalist.

Eastman A-MAZE-ING PLAY AREA -This area is filled with many unique play opportunities designed to engage children in using both natural and manmade elements. From a giant xylophone to a puppet theatre, from an herb garden to a vine-covered arbor tunnel, children of all ages and ability will learn while they play.

Food City Ed and Evan Moore TOTS PLAY AREA - This area is especially designed for children ages 2-5. Play equipment helps with the development of physical skills and intellectual concepts in this age appropriate space. Children can do the things they love to do over and over again: slide, teeter-totter, and swing, all in a soft-landing surface area.

Mountain States Health Alliance ADVENTURE ISLAND - Designed for children ages 5-12, who usually play in pairs or small groups. While exploring this area's special features, children learn by planning, establishing rules and decisions and gathering for social interaction. This area is packed with the fun and the physical. Children have their choices among three different slides, swings, zip line, climbing walls, swing-out overhead, and many other learning stations.

Speedway Children's Charities SAND ISLAND - You don't have to sit down to play in this sand box that challenges the imagination of children. It's designed to allow wheelchairs to roll right up to the table. Manipulative play with natural elements like sand gives children of all abilities the opportunity they need to experiment and learn how things work and relate to each other.

The Lions Narnia BRAILLE TRAIL - Thanks to the Lions Club organization, this trail removes the barriers for the blind, visually impaired and handicapped. Based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe fantasy by C.S. Lewis, the trail features eight sensory stations along a quarter-mile, wheelchair-accessible Braille trail. Here, visitors follow the story of Aslan the lion. Each station has a speaker button that activates an audio theatrical recording.

The Anderson TREE HOUSE - Sponsored by Sam and DeLois Anderson, this destination will thrill children of all ages as they play among the treetops in a state-of-the-art tree house. On the trail leading to the tree house, children will learn about The Great Warriors' Path and learn to be a great warrior. And they will learn more about the native wildlife that makes their home amongst the trees and grounds at Warriors' Path State Park.

The Palmer Center Foundation AMPHITHEATER - This unique feature is a great meeting and teaching place. Seating 120 people in a semi-circle arrangement facing a 16 ft. x 24 ft. stage, the amphitheater is designed for that certain teaching moment, for entertainment purposes, for arts and crafts, or for taking a few moments and relaxing in the mountains.

At Darrell's Dream you'll find: * Every child can reach the highest play deck. * Universally accessible pathways and sufacing. * Cozy spots where everyone can gather * Equipment like swings and bouncers with back support. * Elevated sand tables and activity panels where children of all abilities can play together * Sensory-rich activities that let the imagination soar * Parking area for buses * Restroom facilities equipped for the disabled * A place to picnic among friends Children of all abilities having so much fun they don't realize they're learning too!

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Darell's Dream Boundless Playground at Warriors' Path State Park in Kingsport, TN
Fully accessible fun for everyone!
Fully-accessible one-of-a kind Treehouse at Darrell's Dream Boundless Playground.  Follow the accessible  interactive nature and history trail
Fully accessible Anderson Treehouse and interactive nature and history trail
Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park Boundless Playground Complex
8am - Dusk Daily
Winter Park Hours may close earlier
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