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The Whiskey Runner’s Spirit

Named for the roads moonshiners used for running, and the famous movie starring Robert Mitchum that told their tale, Old Tennessee Distilling Co. celebrates American individualism and freedom. Back in the day, the ingredients came from their land, recipes came from the family, and determination came from the heart.

Today, not much has changed. Visit us at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Kodak, Tennessee, and you will learn about the history of whiskey in the United States, and enjoy a tribute to the 1958 movie, Thunder Road. We handcraft every bottle of whiskey from scratch starting with heirloom corn we grow and grind right here in East Tennessee. Our process remains true to the methods passed down through the generations of our distiller’s family. To maintain the full grain flavor, we distill our whiskey in a pot still and control the distillate to a very narrow proof range, ensuring that only the best product reaches our customers.

In addition to whiskey, we produce a full line of spirits, including rum, gin, moonshine and vodka. Each barrel, bottle and sip honors the passion and pride of our whiskey-running ancestors, and fulfills our promise to deliver authentic spirits worthy of their legacy. The samples are always flowing at our tasting bar, so head on down the Thunder Road and get a taste of the authentic life.

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Old Tennessee Distilling Co.
Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday Noon - 7 pm
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