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Buchanan Log House

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The Buchanan Log House Complex consists of four historic structures, all standing on a Revolutionary War Veteran's land grant property. The Buchanan Log House was built by James Buchanan, son of Archibald Buchanan, on the property in 1807-1808; and the Addison Museum, a one and one-half story log cabin built by Addison Buchanan in 1847 on a 50 acre tract given to Addison Buchanan by his father, James. Addison's cabin was moved to the Buchanan Log House Complex in 1998. An early 1800's Smoke House, a one-story single dovetail notched rectangular shaped log structure, and a small one-story single pen half dovetail notched log building were relocated to the site in 1975. Across the street from the complex is the cemetery which is over 200 yrs old and holds some of the original citizens of the area. The men and women resting there fought to make our Democracy bloom, cleared virgin land and built the roads we travel. They operated ferries, built forts, served in the militias and armies to protect and defend the way of life we now enjoy. These ordinary, middle class citizens accomplished extra-ordinary things. From frontier pioneer village to industrious farm community………They ARE Donelson
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Buchanan Log House

2910 Elm Hill Pk.
Nashville, TN 37214

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