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While the American Museum of Science and Energy tells the story of the Manhattan Project, it does so primarily from a scientific perspective. In contrast, the Oak Ridge History Museum shines a light on the “human side” of the Manhattan Project, focusing on history and people’s day-to-day lives in Oak Ridge, TN, during World War II.

The Oak Ridge History Museum contains 100s of historical and visual artifacts, including a timeline of Oak Ridge’s history, a model of the Chapel on the Hill, and displays about the founding of Oak Ridge, Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves and the famous Einstein Letter that kick started the Manhattan Project. The museum also contains the largest collection of original photographs from Ed Westcott, the official photographer of the Manhattan Project. Examine life behind the gate from the moment you walk through the doors.

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Ribbon Cutting of the History Museum
Ed Westcott photographed the ribbon cutting of the museum.
Examining the "Atomic Integration" display
So much to learn about the history of Oak Ridge
Living room display from 1944
The largest collection of photos by Ed Westcott are displayed  here.
Oak Ridge History Museum

102 Robertsville Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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