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Twin Arches state natural area is approximately 1,500 acres located in parts of Fentress, Scott, and Pickett Counties and contains two impressive geological formations known as the Twin Arches. These arches form the largest natural bridge complex known in Tennessee and represent one of the worlds largest such complexes. The two sandstone arches are situated end-to-end, and are commonly referred to as the North and South Arches. The South Arch is the tallest at 103 feet high. It has a clearance inside the arch of 70 feet and its span is 135 feet between the inside base of the feet. The North Arch is 62 feet high with a clearance of 51 feet and a span of 93 feet. Twin Arches is one of two designated state natural areas in the Big South Fork Recreation Area that are managed by the National Park Service.

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Twin Arches State Natural Area

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