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Dewey Ritter and Lovie Brandon Ritter, founders.

Explore Red Boiling Springs, TN

Grandpa's House on the Ritter Farm

Grandma Lovie and Grandpa Dewey

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We are the second, third, fourth and now fifth generation living and working on the Ritter Farm, about two miles from Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. We are hand crafters: carvers, wood workers, quilters, artists, seamstresses, blacksmiths, wagonmakers, potters, photographers, musicians and storytellers. We are continuing the crafts that have come from this farm for more than 65 years. Our gift shop and museum features local artists, craftsmen, and musicians. We celebrate our heritage through special events and our mini-museum of rural life. Be sure to read all the pictures and signs posted throughout Grandpa’s House to learn some of the history of this old country home and farm. Walk around the house, sit and visit on the porch. Bring your guitar and enjoy the shade of the trees. You are welcome to stay as long as you want at our Grandpa’s House. This was one our favorite places as kids, we hope you will enjoy your time at Grandpa’s House!

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Cooking on an open fire.
The smell of the campfire going in the fall during "How'd Dey Do Dat?" Day gets everyone's appetite going.
Tobin, the fifth generation at the anvil.
We start 'em young. Notice the tongue action is important to getting it right.
Music in the front yard
Grandpa's house was always filled with music. If not inside, then outside.
Young and old like the game of checkers on the front porch.
Rosin up the bow and prepare to be entertained.
Grandpa's House Traditional Handcrafts
Since 1945 we have been creating works of art right here on the farm.
Come "How'd Dey Do Dat?" Day, you never know what you might see or
what you might take part in.
Old tools.
Bits and pieces of farm life remind us of how it use to be.
Corn shelling.
Kids return year after year to their favorite activities.
Corn box
Who needs a sand box when you have corn.
boys on tractor
All little boys and some big ones love a tractor.
Basket making
Concentrating on basketmaking
Jelly samplers shine in the light.
T&L Jams and Jellies. "She can make jelly out nearly anything."
Sweeping with a new broom, especially one you watched being made makes the chore go easier.
Scrub boarding
JJ will tell you the history of the washing machine from scrub board to hit and miss engine models.
Shelling corn.
Using a corn sheller from 70+ years ago.
Taking a break from giving folks a ride around the farm.
Grandpa's House on the Ritter Farm
Saturdays 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and by appointment. Always best to call ahead, we are a working farm and we may not be close at hand. You may stop by any time and if we are about we will be glad to open the doors.
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For the most up-to-date hours and information, please contact Grandpa's House on the Ritter Farm directly.

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