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Bob Clarke has been a professional Photographer for over 25 years…….

Ok I hate writing stuff about myself, I know you got to do it but hey, I take pictures of stuff and have for a long time now. I started working right out of college in High Point NC photographing furniture and other catalog work. After a bit and a few other Photography jobs I ended up in Las Vegas for about 10 years mainly photographing the home build market back in the big housing boom, as well as gaming/casino related things like slot machines, really fancy hotel rooms on the top floors of Casino. Lots of fun stuff. then I moved to East TN and have mainly been photographing weddings here in the Smoky Mountains for the last 7 or 8 or 9 ….12…. what the heck year is it 2017 ?? ….. time sure flies…where is my flying car!!!!!!

Give us a call at 865-293-9087 to book your next Wedding or Photoshoot!!

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