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Motorcycle rider on bridge in Kyles Ford

Explore Sneedville, TN

Ride "THE SPIDER" Motorcycle Trail

Ride “The Spider” Motorcycle Routes

These sightseeing routes resemble the shape of a spider with numerous roads originating from downtown Sneedville. Some highways deliver scenic vistas with hairpin turns over the mountains, while others lead you along the mountain foothills and rural picturesque valleys.  There is a route map in the photo gallery that shows the routes listed below:

THE WEB: From Sneedville – Kyles Ford – Duffield, VA TN-33-N, VA-600 , US-58 – 34 miles

DEVIL'S NOSE: From Sneedville – Kyles Ford – River Place on the Clinch, Rogersville TN-33-N, TN-70 – 28 miles

WIDOW MAKER: From Sneedville – Rogersville, Pressman’s Home – Hairpin turns. TN-66 to US-11W/Rogersville OFF-TRAIL –Pressman’s Home is 3.7 miles off TN-66 on TN-94 E) 25 miles

BLACK WIDOW:  From Sneedville – Elrod Falls, over Clinch Mtn. to Mooresburg/Bean Station - TN-31 S to US-11W 18 miles

FLYING SPIDER:  From Sneedville – Elrod Falls, Treadway along Mountain Valley to Thorn Hill - TN-31 S, TN-131, US-25E - 21 miles

THE WOLFE:  From Sneedville – Valley ride along Clinch River thru Xenophon (6.6 m) - TN-33 S – US-25E 21 miles

THE RECLUSE:  From Sneedville – Newman’s Ridge, Mahala Mullins Cabin, Tazewell – TN-63 (5.3 mi) TN-345 S (Cedar Fork Rd 8.5 mi) 28 miles OFF-TRAIL: Mullins Cabin is over the ridge then off-trail on Blackwater Rd 4 miles to Vardy.

THE HOBO:  From Sneedville – Newman’s Ridge, Mullins Cabin, Jonesville, VA to Wilderness Rd. - TN-63 N, Mulberry Gap Rd, VA -612, VA-70– 22.4 miles OFF-TRAIL: Mullins Cabin is over the ridge then off-trail on Blackwater Rd 4 miles to Vardy

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Six scenic routes depart from Downtown Sneedville giving the appearence of a spider
The courthouse in Downtown Sneedville - CREDIT Rhonda Hurd
Elrod Falls. Bring your camera and your swimsuit for a short stroll to this popular waterfall and small pool.
Mahala Mullins Cabin in the Vardy/Blackwater community
Canoes on the Clinch River at Kyles Ford
Vintage birdge along side new bridge over Clinch River in Kyles Ford
River Place Store and Restaurant in Kyles Ford
Hancock County Flag Barn CREDIT: Dwana McCoy ORourke
Valley riding on Hwy 33 in Hancock County
Add Xenophon to your selfies
Ride "THE SPIDER" Motorcycle Trail

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