Truly Tennessean Town

Castalian Springs is truly a tale of Tennessee history throughout the ages. Native American tribes called this beautiful expanse of fertile land and rushing springs home; the current Castalian Springs Mound Site serves as an archeological memorial to the Mississippian tribes who first occupied the area. In the 1780s, scouting longhunters were also entranced by the land and swiftly created permanent settlements in the area, dubbing it “Bledsoe’s Lick” in honor of an early pioneer family. In 1837, the area’s name was changed to Castalian Springs in honor of the life-giving spring of Greek lore. Today Castalian Springs is neighbored by sprawling Old Hickory Lake, making the area attractive to boaters, fishermen, and kayakers alike. Castalian Springs pays homage to past Tennesseans and their varied experiences, from the mounds that hold stories of Native American life to the historic house museums that preserve the past for present visitors to explore.

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