Hohenwald means “high forest in German. Today, its the county seat of Lewis County and convenient to the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Start your trip at the Lewis County Museum of Natural History, which contains one of largest collections of animal mounts in the country and displays some of the earliest artifacts in the Southeast. Youll see the key to the cabin where Meriwether Lewis died mysteriously. The museum contains exhibits on early American Settlement, the Civil War, Gordonsburg Mining and Swiss settlement and an overview of what you can expect to see in Lewis County.

Enjoy exploring downtown Hohenwald, where you can shop, eat or see a show at the Strand Theatre or browsing local art collections at the Strand Art Gallery. Grab a map from the Chamber of Commerce Office and take a drive on the National Scenic Byway, Natchez Trace Parkway. Find the grave and monument of famed explorer Meriwether Lewis, captain of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, for whom Lewis County was named. Learn about his achievements and hear the riveting story of his mysterious death.

Hohenwalds climate and soil grow top quality grapes. Enjoy free wine tastings at the three wineries on the Natchez Trace Wine Trail, including Amber Falls, Key Springs and Natchez Hill. 

Some rather large animals call Hohenwald home at The Elephant Sanctuary, which was founded in 1995 and has become the nations largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically to meet the needs of endangered elephants. The Sanctuarys 2,700 acres allow for elephants to be free in their natural surroundings and are not open to the public. Their welcome center, at 27 E. Main Street, is open for visitors who want to learn more about the "Girls" and their lives in Sanctuary.


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