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From Memphis blues to Appalachian bluegrass, from country superstars to cool jazz, from soaring symphonies to rowdy rock and Tennessee’s deep gospel roots, our music venues will rock your world. With so much to choose from, and so many places to go, its hard to know just where to begin. To find the right place to hear your favorite music, click on the genre below.

Blues Venues

Blues Venues#

“Still Got the Blues?” Are you “Looking for the Key to the Highway?” Have you “Been Up All Night Thinkin?” Hear some of the best blues on either side of the Mississippi, right here in Tennessee. Head for the crossroads.


Country Venues

Country Venues#

Tennessee is the place to be if you love country music. Nashville is not the only place to hear that steel guitar. Travel the state from end to end, and you’ll find terrific music everywhere. Get country.


Classical Venues

Classical Venues#

Tennessee boasts some of the finest musicians in the world, including those with a classical bent. Enrich your musical journey with chamber, opera and symphony performances in grand and intimate settings. Find an aria.


Bluegrass Venues

Bluegrass Venues#

East Tennessee’s Celtic heritage launched the high, lonesome sound of bluegrass music and the pure strains of Americana and roots tunes, now found throughout the state. Start fiddlin’.


Jazz Venues

Jazz Venues#

If your musical preferences lean toward rhythm and swing, tight arrangements and dizzying solos, wailing sax and lush piano melodies, check out some of these venues where jazz fans gather. Get that swing.


Gospel Venues

Gospel Venues#

Tennessee’s deep musical roots start with that gospel sound that evolved into many different genres, including blues, soul, country, and bluegrass. If you love gospel music, Tennessee is the place. Get soulful.


Rock ‘N’ Roll Venues

Rock ‘N’ Roll Venues#

Tennessee is all about the music, and it’s not just country music that we’re making here. There’s always a thriving rock scene in the Volunteer State. Here are a few hot spots to visit. Rock on!