Natural Wonders | Tennessee Vacation

Perch above the lush canopy of trees, relax beside the crystal pool of a cascading falls, or descend into the depths of an ancient cave. With one brief introduction to Tennessees natural wonders, your impression will last a lifetime.

With more than 8,600 caves, 630 waterfalls, 260 natural arches, bridges and rock windows, Tennessee offers a brilliant tapestry of natural wonders guaranteed to entertain your imagination and delight your senses. Journey into the subterranean maze beneath the soil, or view the world from 6,000 feet above the surface. Feel the mist of a towering waterfall, or splash in its crystal clear pool. Run through a field of wildflowers, or feel the pounding rush as you raft the whitewater rapids of a winding river.

From colorful petals to lush greenery, Tennessee blooms with opportunity to delight visual senses and tempt the gardener within. Browse our botanical gardens, sculpted by horticultural masters. Year round, the hills of Tennessee reveal amazing flora. From vibrant wildflowers that carpet the hillsides in the spring to the brilliant red, yellow and orange of the changing autumn leaves, Tennessee is a bouquet for the senses.