Blueways | Tennessee Vacation


Try a different, more relaxed means of travel. Your adventuresome spirit will set the course along interconnecting blueways and rushing rivers spread across Tennessee.

In Tennessee, water of all varieties calls to the fisherman, boater and paddler. But, it’s the state’s more than 60,000 miles of rivers, streams and creeks, made easily accessible through Tennessee’s neatly organized blueway system, that makes it a paddler’s ultimate destination.

From the French Broad Blueway, which follows the worlds third oldest river, to the Duck River Blueway, which flows through six counties, there is no better way to view the Tennessee countryside than by boat, kayak, canoe or raft. Camp at the designated campsites along the way, or pull out at one of the access points that line the blueway.

When you want to see the best of Tennessee, both urban and wild, there is simply no better view than that from the water.