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Songwriters Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Tennessee Songwriters Week?
A: Tennessee Songwriters Week will take place virtually Feb. 21-27, 2021. In-person qualifying rounds and showcase events are cancelled due to COVID-19 to protect the staff, songwriters and guests.

Q: How will Tennessee Songwriters Week be celebrated virtually?
A: Celebrate Tennessee Songwriters Week and the craft of songwriting with virtual concerts, compelling documentaries and fun facts Feb. 21-27. See details:

Q: I’m a songwriter. Since in-person events are cancelled, is there a way to engage in Tennessee Songwriters Week from home?
A: Absolutely. Under the “Resources” tab on, songwriters can find instruction and education resources, workshops, information on competitions and festivals, documentaries and entertainment. Please stay tuned for information on Tennessee Songwriters Week 2022.

Q: What is the benefit for hosting an event during Tennessee Songwriters Week?
A: In 2019, a state statute passed to designate the last full week of February each year, typically a slow time for travel, as Tennessee Songwriters Week to celebrate songwriters and drive visitation.