Shooting Sports | Tennessee Vacation

Are you ready? Take aim. Whether you're an archery buff, skeet shooter or avid hunter, Tennessee is the place.

Rifle ranges and hunter educations centers throughout the state are open for public use. You can learn archery basics or polish your skills while practicing this ancient tradition. From Johnson City to Memphis, sporting clay venues are open for recreation and competition.

Our hunting lands, waterways and undeveloped shorelines afford vast acres teeming with game. Find prime hunting opportunities in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Tims Ford State Park and several national wildlife refuges: Chickasaw, Cross Creeks, Lower Hatchie, Reelfoot, Lake Isom and Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge.

Try your hand at other challenges, Our field trials are full of amazing hunting dogs showing off the best of their skills; the clay pigeons are sure to keep you guessing and aiming; rifle ranges will keep you on target; and, archery will teach you more than just the discipline of the sport.