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Filmmaker Ken Burns tells the story of Country Music in his PBS documentary. Watch the film, then visit the Tennessee places that helped shape this American art form on Tennessee Music Pathways.

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Hit the pathways and visit 22 iconic country music destinations featured in Ken Burn’s film Country Music. To get started, print or access your digital passport below.

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Ken Burns on Tennessee & the history of Country Music


5 Stamps

Custom Hatch Show Print

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"Ken Burns Country Music:
An Illustrated History" The Book

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Branded Tennessee
Music Pathways Guitar

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Note: You cannot combine digital and printed passports.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I get a passport?

A: Download our one-page passport here and print it out before your trip, or download the mobile experience at You can also pick up the Pathway Passport at any Tennessee Welcome Center or one of the 22 participating destinations.

Q: Where do I get my passport stamped?

A: You can get 1 stamp at each of the 22 locations listed in the passport. Stamps will be available at most ticket counters or gift shops. Some locations will require admission to collect the passport stamp. If you have questions, ask the staff members when you arrive at each location.  

You can also digitally stamp your passport at You cannot combine digital and printed passports. 

Q: I’ve collected at least 5 stamps. How do I redeem my stamps for souvenirs?

A: To receive your souvenirs, please submit your passport online here

You can also mail in your passport by printing and fillling out this form and sending your passport with 5, 15 or 22 stamps by certified mail to: 

Wm. Snodgrass/Tennessee Tower 
Attn: TDTD, Ken Burns Passport 
312 Rosa L Parks Ave., 13th Floor 
Nashville, TN 37243-1102 

We’ll send your passport and souvenirs back to you in 6 to 8 weeks meaning you can continue collecting more stamps until you reach all 22. 

You cannot combine digital and printed passport stamps. 

Q: What do I get for completing my passport?

A: Collect all 22 stamps to get a custom Tennessee Music Pathways branded guitar. Plus, additional souvenirs are available along the way. See “Souvenirs” section here.

Q: Does my passport expire?

A: The Ken Burns Passport will expire on October 18, 2025. In addition, souvenirs are available in limited quantities. So, hurry and collect all of your stamps. 

Q: What if I lose my passport?

A: Unfortunately, if you lose your passport, you will need to pick up a new one and start over. 

Q: If everyone in my family gets a passport stamped, can we all earn prizes?

A: While multiple household members may complete passports, only one passport may be submitted per household for promotional souvenir(s). 

Q: What if my stamp smears?

A: Try to let your stamp dry before touching ink or closing your passport. If the stamp is still legible as being from the location, we can process your passport.

Q: Can I use my passport to get discounts?

A: Yes! See discounts at select locations below.

Q: If I only have 21 stamps, and I can’t get the 22nd stamp because George Jones Museum is now closed, can I still redeem my passport for the guitar?

A: Yes. If you have all 21 stamps other than the George Jones Museum stamp, you can submit your passport to redeem the branded guitar. If one of your 21 stamps includes the George Jones Museum, you will need to get the final 22nd stamp before turning in your passport.

If you’re redeeming your passport for the poster or Ken Burn’s book, you will still need the full 5 or 15 stamps required to do so.

Passport Stamp Locations

To see all places in Tennessee featured in Country Music, explore the Ken Burns Country Music Pathway.

Pick up a passport at any starred location or any of the 16 Welcome Centers.

Collect your stamp at the front desk Monday thru Friday during the hours of 8am to 4pm.

$3 off adult admission and $1 off student or senior admission.

Collect your stamp at the welcome desk.

$2 off tour.

Collect your stamp at the museum.

Collect your stamp at the ticket counter.

Collect your stamp at the ticket counter.

$1 off admission.

Collect your stamp in the lobby.

10% off the Elvis Experience Tour with passport.

Collect your stamp at the box office.

$3 off admission.

Collect your stamp at the gift shop.

20% off merchandise in the Visit Knoxville gift shop.

Collect your stamp at the Knoxville Visitors Center.

Collect your stamp at the self-service station that is onsite and now available.

$2 off tours with the Ken Burns passport.

Collect your stamp at the front desk.

$2 off daytime tours with code KBPASSPORT.

Collect your stamp at the box office.

Collect your stamp from the back of Sevierville sign that stands in front of statue at the self-stamping stations that is now available.

$5.00 off a one-day regular, child or senior admission with code KENBURNS.

Collect your stamp at the entrance of Chasing Rainbows, the Dolly Parton museum located inside Dollywood Theme Park.

10% discount in store with stamped passport.

Collect your stamp at the information desk located in the museum’s conservatory.

Collect your stamp at the Nashville Visitor Center connected to Bridgestone Area.

$2 off admission to Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

Collect your stamp at the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.