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Beauty For More To See

Beauty For More To See

The landscape of Tennessee is filled with vivid greens, fiery reds, warming oranges and bright yellows. But we realize not everyone can fully experience its beauty. So, we’ve installed the first-ever scenic viewfinders outfitted with color vision deficiency technology in 12 of the most beautiful lookouts across the state. Now people who have never seen the full spectrum of Tennessee color can experience the beauty.

Each of our Colorblind Viewfinders are outfitted with innovative EnChroma® lenses designed to alleviate red-green colorblindness. This spectral lens technology enables people with colorblindness to see a broader range of clear, vibrant color.

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Chilhowee Overlook

All the colors of fall

Helping more people enjoy the beauty of autumn in some of Tennessee’s colorful fall foliage locations.

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Though all of these places have our Colorblind Viewfinders, their breathtaking beauty can be enjoyed by everyone during any time of year.