Promised Land - Nashville Pilgrimage to President

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Hit the road with one of Tennessee's most interesting excursions and discover the Promised Land Trail. You'll enjoy a mix of big cities and small towns, courthouse squares and state parks, and a variety of history and attractions that promise to be everything you'd expect.

Your adventure begins in Nashville, and then leads you to some of the most charming cities in the state. Parts of this trail retrace some of the very routes our state’s earliest pioneers forged through the forested mountains and hills of Middle Tennessee. There’s Avery's Trace, the first road into Tennessee, and Walton Road that later helped map the course for Hwy 70. Today the route is lined with wonderful communities and neighborhoods that attract people from across the country to their beauty and special events; restaurants and cafés filled with delicio us foods; shops full of uniq ue treasures; and natural areas showcasing the sights, sounds and wildlife the settlers encountered more than 200 years ago. It won't take long to realize this trail is about people. People fueled with a spirit of the unknown, whose sheer determination for a new and better life led them to start these towns with nothing more than what they could bring in a wagon or carry on their back. Today, that pion eer spirit lives on. You’ll see it in every place you visit. And, more importantly, feel it in every person you meet.