Screaming Eagle - Nashville Lady Legends to Heroes

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Get ready to explore the Screaming Eagle Trail, a journey through Middle Tennessee’s history, landscape, music and cuisine. Your trip starts in Nashville and heads west, through charming small towns built by the iron industry in the 1800s. Along the way, stop to sample some of Tennessee’s best BBQ ribs, coffee shop treats, family-style soul food and more.

Fall in step with military history, from the legendary 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell to the Civil War stories of Fort Donelson National Battlefield. You’ll also get a taste of the region’s African-American heritage, from slave-built ironworks to the impact of Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Learn about Tennessee women who have made their mark on history, from legendary basketball coach Pat Head Summitt and track star Wilma Rudolph to two of country music’s queens — Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. You’ll visit Loretta’s ranch and historic plantation home, a popular tourist destination with plenty to do and see.

If you’re looking for adventure and fresh air, you’re on the right trail. Find urban green spaces, wooded state parks, walking and hiking trails and opportunities for fun on the river. Take the off-trail route up Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway to experience Land Between the Lakes, one of the nation’s best outdoor destinations. There’s something for everyone just outside of Music City — enjoy Tennessee’s best on the Screaming Eagle Trail.