Road Travel

Whether you’re on the road to Elvis’ Graceland in Memphis, the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee, or Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, fun and music and incredible outdoors adventure will be on your Tennessee agenda.

Driver Services

The Driver Services Division is responsible for testing and issuing driver licenses as well as offering voter registration and issuance of driving records.

Laws & Policies

Stay safe by being aware of the laws and policies governing the road in Tennessee, the Top Ten Safety Rules for Tennessee Visitors, among them: Seat Belt Law, Texting While Driving Law, Move Over Law, Child Restraint Devices Law, Motorcycle Helmet Law.

Road Safety Tips

Tennessee Highway Patrol responds to more than 500,000 calls for service each year. They are here to help should you need it. We hope you don't! Take a look at 10 Things To Know If You Encounter Trouble On The Road, whether it’s an accident or a flat tire.

Interstate Numbers

Interstates ending in odd numbers run north and south. Even-numbered interstates run east and west. Most Tennessee interstates use a mile marker exit numbering system, where the exit numbers correspond to the nearest milepost, running south to north and west to east determined by the distance from the state line. 

Travel Safely with TDOT SmartWay

Use TDOT SmartWay, Tennessee’s intelligent transportation system which engages advanced information technologies to improve the safety and operation of highways and other transportation modes, such as public transit. There are several components of SmartWay. TDOT makes SmartWay information available to travelers in Tennessee by calling 511 (or 877-244-0065, outside Tennessee) from your phone.

Download the TDOT SmartWay Mobile App on:

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Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers can be found along Tennessee’s roads and typically offer picnic areas, restrooms, travel and map information, vending machines, pet walks, pay phones and occasionally an RV dump station. Wi-fi internet services at rest stops are becoming more common. Find out about Tennessee’s rest stops.

Cycle Safely

Love to cycle? Here are Tennessee bike routes for you to explore. Learn about the 3-feet rule.

Tennessee 511

TDOT uses twitter to provide motorist information to those who wish to receive it. Twitter is a tool we are use to get information to motorists about our interstates and state roads.

Discover Tennessee Trails & Byways

Three statewide and 16 regional trails run through your favorite Tennessee destinations. The best part is you can decide when and where you want to travel.

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Helpful Tennessee Travel Apps

Each app contains features that make it easy to plan, experience and share your Tennessee experiences.

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