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Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc.

138 Market St.
Chattanooga, TN 37419

Named one of the top ten ghost tours in the country by TripAdvisor, Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc will take you on a walking tour through downtown, chilling you with tales of the city's restless dead. From the Walnut Street Bridge to the Sheraton Read House, you will hear about downtown's ghosts as well as the city's most entertaining history. Guides will also point out the best locations for ghost photos, a frequent phenomena on the tour. The ghost tour operates every night from March 1-November 30, as well as by appointment for other dates, and is appropriate for children and adults alike. Cost is $14.00 for adults and $9.00 for children under 12, through 12/31/11. Group rates are also available for groups of 8 or more.
In addition to the ghost tour, CGTI is also the first tour in the country to offer a ghost hunt, similar to the investigations seen on the many ghost shows, for the more adventurous adult. The hunt goes through the UTC campus and down to the Citizens Cemetery, and features EMF detectors, a temperature gun, and the talking Ovilus X, the latest in ghost hunting technology, as seen on Ghost Adventures, Paranormal States, and Ghost Hunters. The ghost hunt is $20.00 per adult.
Come let Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc show you Chattanooga's REAL nightlife!
Call (423) 821-7125 for reservations, or see

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