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15 Hermitage Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210
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CREMA is an apt name for a coffee shop with high standards. "Crema" is the thick, golden-brown foam that develops in the filter and encrusts the top of an espresso serving. Crema gives espresso its complexity, depth of flavor and texture. Crema is the single most important indicator of espresso quality.

At CREMA, we guarantee that every espresso has been properly extracted. Our baristas have gone through intensive training and continue to grow in their skills. At CREMA we are always looking for ways to perfect our coffee and espresso. We hope you enjoy sharing in this experience, your satisfaction is our delight.

Delight in our muffins, scones, biscotti, cookies; enjoy a bagel, quiche, sandwich or wrap. Many other beverages are offered.

Monday-Friday 7-7
Saturday 8:30-5

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