Savage Gardens | Tennessee Vacation

Savage Gardens

Savage Garden Road
Lake City, TN 37769
(865) 426-6495

Savage Gardens is located in Lake City, near Norris. Although the gardens are privately owned, during the spring the owners, the Dew family, generously open their property to the public. Savage Gardens has fantastic limestone rock formations. The north-facing slope and rich soil make for a spectacular natural rock garden setting. Many boulders are covered with plants.

The beautiful gardens are loaded with many kinds of flowers, including: various Trillium, Shooting Stars, Phacelia, Spring Beauties (Virginia and Carolina), Hepatica, Wild Geranium, Little Brown Jugs, Wild Ginger, Trout Lilies, Smooth Rock Cress, Harbinger of Spring, Pennywort, Allegheny Spurge, Rue Anemone, Slender Toothwort, various Violets, and many more.

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