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The Catbird Seat

Score reservations for one of the 32 spots at the Catbird Seat, and you’re in for a mind-blowing aesthetic and gastronomical experience. Your dish and its preparation present a joyous, spectacular art form.
1711 Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 810-8200

You could say that the food at the Catbird Seat is artistically presented, so long as you pair it with words such as “exquisite,” “delicate,” “senses-arousing.” Here, you’re served by the chef himself, your dish accompanied by an explanation and a story. Ask questions. You’ll be inspired by the depth of the answers, and by the meticulous work behind each dish. The visual cues at the Catbird Seat are rich and plentiful enough to rivet attention on what you just ate and what’s coming next. 

Almost as soon as Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson opened the Catbird Seat in Nashville’s Vandy neighborhood, in late 2011, they were heralded “Best New Chefs,” the restaurant as a “Top 10 Best Restaurant.” Open the door and someone is there, expecting you, greeting you by your name. You are whisked via elevator to the second floor, where you enter that sought-after space, allotted to 32 lucky gourmets of the day. There is no menu. Advise them of any dietary restrictions, and they take care of the rest. In fact, it all transpires before your eyes. Even the food descriptives are beautiful language, piquing your appetite and stimulating your curiosity: Porcini, Tasmanian sea trout, clover, chartreuse, beech mushrooms, spring herbs, juniper sauce, trumpets, rhubarb syrup, cucumber and lime cream, pineapple gelee. 

So, if your plans include a trip to Music City, your first travel detail should be an attempt at reservations for the Catbird Seat. It books up fast, so try to make your reservation at least 30 days in advance.

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