Farmers Markets | Tennessee Vacation

Farmers Markets

Taste just-picked Tennessee for your own good. Seize juicy and healthy by the teeth. Permeate your palette with bounty from the earth. Tennessee is ripe with locally grown fruits and vegetables ready for the eating.

Fill up on freshness at a farmers market. Seasonally, the natural tastes from our uniquely individual markets bring out the farm-to-fork creativity in our top chefs, just as those fresh local flavors inspire us in our own kitchens.

Vitality springs from Tennessees farmers markets, fueled by love of shopping for the best produce, food and bargains in exciting community settings, and by passion for excellence and creativity from local farmers, growers, bakers and craftspeople. In Tennessee, farmers make a huge contribution to the ingredients that redefine and reshape our experience of food.

Some markets in Tennessee are in urban settings, with eateries and specialty shops rounding out the offerings. Typically, shoppers can find a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries and honey, along with grass-fed meats, eggs and specialty cheeses. Fresh-baked breads, cookies, granola and scones, along with jams, jellies and colorful condiments are on hand. A diverse collection of flowering and vegetable plants and fresh-cut flowers are available from local growers.