Food & Beverage | Tennessee Vacation

Our regional delicacies are worth standing in line. From artisanal chocolates touched with barrel-aged bourbon to a little barbecue joint on the outskirts of town or some rather famous milk enriched by wild grasses, there’s a reason chefs come to Tennessee to study our ingredients and techniques.

You’ll hear entire conversations about sauces, slaw, fire and wet or dry rubs. The basic, slow-roasted pork shoulder is something most agree on whether it’s pulled (shredded by hand) or chopped (with a cleaver). You’ll find fantastic barbecue in every region of the state. The side dishes and desserts accompanying Tennessee barbecue are another set of treats to consider. Try the fried green tomatoes, turnip greens, banana pudding or a fruit-filled cobbler.

You’ll need something from the brewhouse to go with your barbecue. Try a smooth craft beer by Yazoo Brewing Company, on tap in restaurants throughout Middle Tennessee and sold in area stores. See what the water from the Memphis Sands Aquifer has done for a Ghost River Brewing Golden Ale or Riverbank Red, when you sample one. Calhoun’s and Big River win high praise for their handcrafted beers.

Tennessee’s dairies, many of them family-owned and -operated, have established themselves as leading brands for milk and ice cream. Mayfield Dairy in Athens began by delivering milk to neighbors, and it now churns out sought-after, award-winning favorites with its yellow branding easy to spot. Cruze Farm is a Knoxville family dairy known for its rich buttermilk.