Foster Falls at South Cumberland State Park TN
Photo Credit: Andrew Saucier

5 Tennessee Waterfalls Worth the Hike

Escape the hustle for waterfall heights Made in Tennessee.

Take a break from your every day hustle. Pack some water and snacks and get in nature. Marvel at natural wonders, cascading water from the highest of heights. Feel the cooling mist as the water pounds into deep pools. It's time to go chase these Tennessee waterfalls.

Greeter Falls is located within South Cumberland State Park in Palmer. The natural area is one of Tennessee's most scenic wilderness areas and Greeter Falls contributes with its 15-foot upper ledge that flows over a 50-foot lower ledge in a plunge pool. With more than 50 miles of hiking trails, bring a picnic and enjoy the views.

The 90-foot Bald River Falls makes its roaring home in the Cherokee National Forest in Tellico Plains. Photographic opportunities are endless and it is hailed as one of the greatest waterfalls in the region. Visitors can either view the natural wonder from their vehicles or stretch their legs to hike above the falls along the Bald River Gorge.

The Great Falls is a cascading 30-foot horseshoe within the 883-acre Rock Island State Park. Professional freestyle kayakers from around the world try to tame the whitewater under their paddles. Hiking and scenic overlooks can easily fill any afternoon.

You have to take a trip out to Fall Creek Falls in Spencer, one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States at 256 feet. The waterfalls are located in the state park of the same name, Tennessee's largest and most visited state park with 26,000 acres. Scenic overlooks and a beautiful gorge welcome visitors. More than 60 waterfalls are within a 40-mile radius in this park.

You'll hear Abrams Falls before you see it. Though the waterfall is only 20 feet high, the volume of water that cascades into the pools below is magnificent to watch. You'll hike five miles of moderate to difficult terrain round trip. Sturdy hiking shoes are recommended as there are narrow log bridges and rocky terrain to maneuver.  

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