Downtown Savannah TN
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A Day in Savannah Tennessee

This tucked away town has cute boutiques, river fun and museums.

Hardin County, Tennessee, about 124 miles from Memphis, is home to towns filled with shops, restaurants and deep history as it was a substantial trade hub thanks to its location on the Tennessee River. One of those towns, Savannah, Tennessee, preserves that history through museums and historic homes while also providing great shopping and restaurants. Find out what to do, where to eat and more in Savannah.

Savannah Donuts

Start the day on the right foot with a melt-in-your-mouth donut from Savannah Donuts. Blueberry cake, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and glaze donuts are just waiting for you to sample. They have an array of breakfast items as well including bagels, croissants and biscuits that can be topped with bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and more.

Tennessee River Museum

Explore the vast history of Savannah and the Tennessee River Valley at the Tennessee River Museum. Interactive and educational displays tell stories of paleontology and the Civil War that are suitable for all ages. Stories are told of various cultures called Mound Builders during a 5,000-year period who constructed mounds for ceremonial, religious, burial and residential purposes. You can see these mounds at the Shiloh National Military Park, about 10 minutes from Savannah.  

Savannah Historic District Tour

The Savannah Historic District Tour starts with the Cherry Mansion, a circa 1830 house, was built by David Robinson that was later expanded on by his son-in-law William H. Cherry. The home would eventually become headquarters for Federal Major General C.F. Smith during the Civil War. While it’s not open for tours, it is located on the tour that includes 41 other historic homes in the area. The two-mile, self-guided tour shares stories about the privately-owned homes along with the Savannah Theater, Savannah Cemetery and Main Street.

Hagy’s Catfish Hotel 

Savannah, Tennessee is known as the “Catfish Capitol of the World” so it’s no wonder one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in the U.S. is Hagy’s Catfish Hotel. Enjoy hearing the restaurant’s full history that includes Civil War Union soldiers, while feasting on catfish, grilled salmon, baby back ribs or shrimp tacos. But, save room for dessert like the white chocolate banana cream pie, German chocolate pie and Jack’s caramel pie.

Shiloh National Military Park - Shiloh

See the battlefields of one of the bloodiest battles from the Civil War at Shiloh National Military Park in nearby Shiloh, about nine miles south of Savannah, Tennessee. The park not only preserves the battle history, but it’s also a U.S. National Cemetery with 4,000 soldiers and their families. Shiloh is considered one of the best preserved battlefields in the U.S. Currently the park spans 4, 200 acres which includes a visitor center that houses many Civil War artifacts and an historic demonstration video of the battle of Shiloh for guests to get a better understanding of it importance.

Pickwick Landing State Park - Counce

The largest river that flows into the Ohio River, the Tennessee River is 650 miles and is as deep as nine feet. There are many marinas located on the Tennessee River that can assist with all your boating needs. Catch some fish of your own along the Tennessee River that flows into the Pickwick Dam which is south of Pickwick Landing State Park in nearby Counce, Tennessee. The waterways are a heavenly fishing escape, housing fish ranging from stripers to smallmouth bass and, of course, catfish. Take a kayak or canoe on the river or simply have a picnic along the shoreline. At the state park, there’s hiking, birding and boating available for guests.

Shopping in Savannah, Tennessee

If you want to stay on land, head to Savannah’s Main Street where you’ll find antique and apparel shops lining the road. Make your way to Southern Threads or one of the many consignment, antique and flea markets that are home to booths that carry items like home decor, glassware, novelties, furniture and much more. You can find antique furniture, homeware items, and quirky unique pieces you may not be able to find elsewhere. Main Street is also home to a variety of boutiques that carry home decor, jewelry and the latest fashions.

Experience even more things to do in Savannah, Tennessee and start planning your day trip to this charming town.

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