Bowls made at MudSlingers Pottery Studio in Huntingdon, TN
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

The Made in Tennessee Spirit is Vibrant in Huntingdon, Tennessee

Local artisans, chefs and performing arts professionals have brought an artistic flair to Huntingdon, Tennessee that can be experienced today.

When traveling from Memphis to Nashville, it’s easy to hop on the highway and zoom. If you’re looking for an adventure along the way, Tennessee’s small towns have a lot to offer. Take Huntingdon for example. The town square is home to a theater making waves in the performing arts community. Pottery makers, crafters and candle makers all thrive in this town located an 1 and 50 minutes from Nashville and an hour and 54 minutes from Memphis. Spend a day or more exploring Huntingdon and the surrounding area. 

Where to Eat in Huntingdon, Tennessee

Joe's BBQ & Diner

Have a filling breakfast at Joe's BBQ & Diner.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

It's not every day that you visit a barbecue joint where you can also have a savory breakfast. Joe’s BBQ & Diner has southern charm and a robust menu of breakfast options. Choose the two eggs breakfast which is more than enough for one person as it comes with a biscuit and gravy that'll leave you craving more. Joe's is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Saturday and Sundays. Breakfast is served all day, too.  

Prater's Taters

Any fixings you want are piled high on baked potatoes at Praters Taters.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

Who would've thought a childhood fancy could turn into a creative restaurant juncture? Mr. Potato Head is celebrated at Prater’s Taters and is a décor accent on each table. This place has honed the craft of potato making; they offer a variety of fixings served on a baked potato. The idea reminds you of putting together the Mr. Potato Head toy as a kid. You may have your choice of a BBQ Chicken tater, Club Tater and many more. The fan-favorite is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Tater. 

The Arts in Huntingdon, Tennessee

Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center

This magical place has been an economic driver for the Huntingdon area with its many concerts and theatrical productions. Constructed in 2005, the center is named after Dixie Carter, who was raised in Carroll County and attended school in Huntingdon. Within the Center is the Hal Holbrook Theatre, which has been the stage to numerous productions, most notably, Jason Isbell. The theatre typically hosts nearly 8,000-10,000 kids per year from over 15 different counties with groups as far as southern Kentucky and Northern Mississippi.  

Additionally, the center provides programs such as Disability Arts Access in Rural Tennessee (DART) to persons with a disability. Once a month, Sarah Edwards, a registered drama therapist, teaches students a variety of skills from stage makeup to pottery to acting to painting and more, expanding career options for many students.  

Mudslingers Pottery Studio

Get crafty at MudSlingers Pottery Studio.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

This creative space was once a 1930s filling station that now houses a pottery studio. The station was open up until 2015.  Then, the city of Huntingdon decided to restore the space and transformed it into the Mudslingers Pottery Studio. You can feel the creative energy as soon as you walk inside. The studio has hosted kids and adult pottery making classes to those in West Tennessee. Having the location in the heart of downtown Huntingdon brings the local community together.  

The medals for the Dixie Triathlon, held at Thousand Acres Lake, are made in this very shop. All of the local students contribute to the process. It's a little Made in Tennessee craftsmanship right here in Huntingdon. 

Lawrence Designs

Take a piece of Huntingdon home with you from Lawrence Designs.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

Located in downtown Huntingdon is the most welcoming candle and craft shop. Lawrence Designs looks like it’s straight out of a Hallmark movie. At least that's the way you feel when you open the doors! Benjie and Nichole Lawrence, the owners, started the shop from home after Benjie's stint of unemployment sparked his curiosity for the candle-making process and carpentry.  Benjie self-taught himself carpentry through Youtube videos and began creating wooden pieces for friends and family. In addition to those, he learned how to make homemade candles. The rest was history when Lawrence Designs started sharing their wares on social media. 

Benjie makes all of the woodwork. He and Nichole create the candles and name them together. They have candles named after locations in Tennessee, including Nashville, Jackson, and Huntingdon with scents ranging from lavender to evergreen to clean, fresh aromas. Occasionally, Lawrence Designs hosts candle making classes for the public, too.  

Outdoor activities in Huntingdon, Tennessee

Thousand Acre Lake

Enjoy some quiet time at Thousand Acre Lake.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sweet

If you need a natural respite, a stop at Thousand Acre Lake is necessary. It is the largest man-made lake in West Tennessee with more than 22 miles of shoreline, more than 17,000 acre-feet of water and 75% of it has a water level of at least 20 feet. 

This scenic area is equipped with boat ramps, picnic tables, restrooms, concessions, watersports, and fishing areas. It’s a great place to spend the entire day on the water. Thousand Acre Lake is open from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. The beaches are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The beach can be utilized year round.  

The art scene is thriving here in Huntingdon. Check out this town and more locations with loads to offer in West Tennessee.

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