Downtown Knoxville
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Have a Winter Romance in Knoxville, TN

As the months get colder, it’s the perfect time to pack a bag and head to Knoxville, TN for a wintery romantic getaway.

"Baby, it's cold outside" and that doesn't stop abruptly after the holiday season. In East Tennessee, the wind wisps through the mountainous area of Knoxville, but doesn't seem to stop all of the happenings this quaint city has to offer. It only takes one visit to be sucked into the Hallmark movie-esque vibe that exists in this area. Pack your bags and visit Knoxville this winter for a wintery romantic weekend getaway.

Where to stay in Knoxville

The Oliver Hotel

As you check into The Oliver Hotel, you will be awed by the original architecture and modern touches. The lobby is inviting, and the rooms boast a warm welcome with their unique interior design. The boutique hotel offers a unique experience in the perfect location, right next door to Market Square.

Day 1 

K Brew Coffee

As you head out to see what Knoxville offers, start your day at K Brew Coffee where you can appease your winter taste buds with a Peppermint Mocha Coffee as you relax in a hammock.  Yes, you read that right. There is a room full of hammocks just waiting for you to sip and gently sway.

Knoxville Chocolate Company

Next, make your way to Market Square to peruse store to store, gathering souvenirs or the latest fashions. Be sure to stop in Knoxville Chocolate Company to try every kind of chocolate that you can think of, especially the salted caramels. You can also watch them make the chocolate daily; the smell is enchanting.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

Counter all the food with a walk around the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame for a tour of inspirational women and triumphs. The museum is full of artifacts that celebrate the accomplishments of women basketball players and coaches from around the United States. 

Knoxville Ice Chalet

You’ll be inspired by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame so much you’ll want to do a sport yourself. Try figure skating with your special someone at Knoxville's Ice Chalet. The indoor skating rink is perfect for your sports fix in the winter. The arena plays host to advanced and beginner skaters alike. Immerse yourself in the fun of it all!

Pretentious Glass Co.

Pretentious Glass is a great place to start your evening. Here, you can watch the glassmaking process which includes a lot of fire and careful crafting. You can also join in on the fun earlier in the day and do a class. They also have a bar next door to indulge on a host of unique beers. 

Double S Wine Bar

Double S Wine Bar is right around the corner from Pretentious Glass, in the middle of downtown Knoxville. Ease right into your romantic night with a flight of some of the best wines, gourmet cheeses and dessert. Each Thursday night, a band performs live in the tranquil atmosphere. 

Emilia Italian

Go to Emilia Italian for your fairytale dinner date. Every aspect of this establishment from the staff to the calming setting offers date night fantasy. The Italian gem in Knoxville's Market Square provides flavorful, fresh dishes that are simple and seasonal. The Pollo ‘a Mattone’ is a fan favorite and consists of chicken that marinates overnight so that, when it’s served to you, it’s bursting with flavor. You can be sure this restaurant puts a signature touch on each course. 

The Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

To cure the late night cravings, Phoenix Pharmacy has one of the most delicious banana splits. They're large enough and decadent enough to share with your significant other over laughs and kisses. It's a perfect nightcap for your first romantic day in Knoxville.

Day 2

Honeybee Coffee

As you begin your second day, ease into it with Honeybee Coffee's French Vanilla Latte; you're going to need the extra boost as you embark on the journeys of the day. The quaint coffee shop on Knoxville's southern side gives off vibes of southern summer glory in the middle of winter. 

Ijams Nature Center

After your caffeine fix, visit the Ijams Nature Center where you will be amongst exquisite views of Knoxville’s great outdoors. After a hike along the Tennessee River, you will eventually make your way past a quarry full of Tennessee Marble, which was used to build the United States Capitol. 

Maple Hall Bowling Alley

After all of the outdoor fun, you can head to Maple Hall Bowling Alley in downtown Knoxville for a concierge bowling experience. This not-so-typical recreational venue offers 11 lanes for bowling, has a full-service bar, a live stage, and a two-lane private VIP room. Not to mention, the food is impeccable. Bowling and a plate of ’82 World's Fair Nachos are sure to be a highlight of your experience at Maple Hall. 

East Tennessee History Center

Once you've finished a couple of rounds of fun, head on down to the East Tennessee History Center which is filled with fun facts and artifacts about the area. You can learn about Knoxville's role in the Civil Rights era and more. One of Dolly Parton's dresses is on display as well as David Crocket’s gun. You’ll have fun exploring Tennessee’s exciting historical timeline. 

East TN Tours

Enjoy the East TN Food Tours Brunch Tour, a walking tour of three to five restaurant stops featuring uniquely curated dishes. You get a schedule of what you’ll eat at each stop and all dishes are ready and served upon your arrival. Some of the stops along the tour include Balter Beerworks, Boyd's Jig and Reel and Clancy's Tavern and Whiskey House. As you walk from location to location, a tour guide offers historical points of buildings around the city that will have you imagining what Knoxville might have looked like long ago. 

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