Meeman Shelby State Park
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Some of the Top Family Fun Destinations to Visit in West Tennessee

Take the kids on a fun-filled trip through West TN to experience outdoor adventure, 3,500 exotic animals and one of the top 20 urban parks in the U.S.

West Tennessee is chock full of culture, music, food, and family friendly southern hospitality. Take in world-class attractions in Memphis and beyond with the kids in tow. You'll easily create new family memories while discovering the region.

Memphis Zoo

In the heart of Midtown lies the Memphis Zoo. It sits on 76 acres of land and was founded in 1906. The zoo now has more than 3,500 animals on exhibit. With educational opportunities abounding and aesthetically pleasing enclosures made with viewing in mind, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Memphis Zoo. Beautiful scenes, picturesque trails and animals that can keep you in awe for hours; this is surely one West Tennessee destination you don’t want to miss.

Big River Crossing

Big River Crossing is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Mississippi River, spanning almost a mile across, and affords a view of downtown Memphis like none other. It’s a must-visit destination spot that has the added benefit of offering exercise opportunities of the best kind. Run, walk or bike across the bridge, or just snap a few selfies while taking in the view. Refreshing views can be found along the way from one side of the Mississippi to the other. Who knows, your family might even get to see a train or two crossing alongside of you, and the kids will love it! It’s an experience you won’t want to pass up while you’re exploring West Tennessee.

Shelby Farms

With the Memphis Zoo in the heart of Midtown and the Big River Crossing within walking distance to Beale Street and the Bass Pro Pyramid in downtown, Shelby Farms claims its residence on the eastern side of the Memphis 240 Interstate loop. With five times the acreage of Central Park in New York, it’s hailed as one of the top 20 largest urban parks in the U.S. You could spend days here and still not have experienced everything this urban park has to offer. No matter your flavor of outdoor activities, this park will surely not disappoint. From the Shelby Farms Greenline that is more than 10 miles long, to the hiking trails, fishing opportunities, imaginative playgrounds, zip line adventures, boating, disc golf, horseback riding, BMX racing, and the American Bison herd that calls Shelby Farms home, you will surely find an activity that suits your taste.

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

Tennessee State Parks never disappoint. They present special opportunities to take in natural beauty. Just 13 miles north of Memphis you can experience a Tennessee State Park for yourself. Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park offers its guests special events throughout the year, a gorgeous lake, activity center, playground, horse trails, campgrounds and cabins, bird watching, and Mississippi River boat access. With more than 12,500 acres to explore, you could make this your weekend destination and still not see the half of it. It’s a spectacular place that your whole family will love exploring together.

Discovery Park of America

Leaving Memphis for a short trek to the Northeast, you’ll come to the small town of Union City. While the town is indeed small, don’t let that dissuade you from venturing over to its biggest attraction: Discovery Park of America. Built right along the I-69 corridor, this place is poised to become a major draw for travelers once I-69 is finished. It is already a popular family destination drawing visitors from all over the U.S. and beyond. You need at least two days to fully experience all it has to offer, and at the rate they keep expanding attractions, you might need three before all is said and done.

The observation tower provides a gorgeous view of the park and surroundings. If you’ve never taken the elevator to the top of the tower, take time to hop on that elevator and climb the 120 feet up for the scenic panoramic views.

Perhaps you’d like to venture down a giant slide through a metal man’s chest on one story and exit quickly out his leg on another with a major grin spanning from ear to ear. Space and NASA fans will love the space simulator theater. You can safely experience an earthquake as the story of Reelfoot Lake is told. Trains, vintage and antique cars and more can be found at the Discovery Park. Endless exhibits and interactive experiences are available here. You will enjoy this place so much that after your initial visit with your kids, you’ll want to plan a trip back so that you can experience it kid-free.

Explore more kid-friendly places in West Tennessee and start planning your next family adventure.

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