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Big Hill Pond State Park in Pocahontas, Tennessee.
Photo Credit: Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee Trip Guide – Winter Travel Inspiration

Hikes, music sites and road trips lead to cozy spots around the state.

If you’ve never traveled to Tennessee in the winter before, now’s the time to start planning your trip. Hikes to waterfalls and snowy scenic overlooks are magical during the winter season. Hop in the car to traverse the backroads to the state’s hidden spots or immerse yourself in Tennessee’s music.

Outdoor Activities

Endless outdoor fun is in the forecast this winter. Grab your hiking boots, a kayak or snowboard to see wintery waterfalls, untouched, beautiful landscapes and challenging slaloms.

Road Trip

Travel the gentle, winding roads that lead to charming town squares, warm restaurants and coffee shops, murals and more. It’s a chance to slow down and fully embrace the season in Tennessee.


Learn of music greats who made their start in Tennessee from Cash to B.B. King to Aretha and Tina Turner. Museums, historic homes and venues bring those stories to life through never-before-seen artifacts, multimedia experiences and more.