Walking in Memphis, a Made in Tennessee Adventure

Walking in Memphis, a Made in Tennessee Adventure

Josh Ness of Nashville Explorers Club shares his historic, scenic and tasty Memphis experience.

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Hi fellow explorers! Josh Ness (@theexplorerdad) here from Nashville Explorers Club (@nashvilleexplorersclub) to share our recent adventures to Memphis.

It being our first time to the city, we really wanted to experience the culture of Memphis. We asked our followers for a lot of direction to different places we should go and ended up going to some of the more popular places in the city.

The city of Memphis was far too kind and hooked us up with the best place in Memphis to stay, the James Lee House, as well as assisting in our adventures throughout the city.

We started our trip out of Nashville in the late afternoon and we drove into one of the most beautiful sunsets I'd seen in months. Making it to our hotel room rather late, we were shown our room by the owners of the James Lee House, who are some of the most hospitable people in town. We made a quick drive around to get acquainted and drove to get Gibson's Donuts and a few beers for the hotel room. If that wasn't enough good eats, we woke up the next morning to the bed & breakfast preparing one of the best breakfasts any of us had ever eaten, which set us up for our day of adventure.

Our first stop was difficult for me. We toured the National Civil Rights Museum and learned a lot about the history of our state and the injustices that occurred, some less than 50 years ago.

Next was the more upbeat Sun Studios, where the tour guide rocked, literally. 

We then made a pit stop at City and State Coffee before heading to Graceland. Graceland was amazing to see. 

After Graceland, we hurried to Central BBQ and ate a whole pig ourselves (not really).

From there we drove to the Skateland sign for some photos and headed to the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid to watch the sunset over the Mississippi. I must say that Bass Pro Shop has created something awesome with a restaurant on top of the pyramid with lodging, bowling and a lot of fun activities. We were amazed at their hospitality as well, and couldn't have asked for anything more than what they provided. I really wish we had spent more time here, but we were pretty exhausted at this point and decided to cut our adventures early and call it a day.

The next day started off with another amazing breakfast at the James Lee House.

Before heading head back to Nashville, we stopped at City and State for another cup of coffee for our trip.

In the end, I didn't know what to expect. I've heard so much about Memphis, but I don't think you know until you get there. This city has a charm and a character that is inspiring, where everyone we met still maintained a high level of Southern hospitality, and made you feel welcome like it was your own home.

Thank you for the adventure, Memphis, we'll be back soon.

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