Rugby Irish Road Bowling (FREE)
Mar 30
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Rugby Irish Road Bowling (FREE)

Morgan County Tourism Alliance

Rugby, TN

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Check out a video on the Facebook Page (Rugby, TN- Irish Road Bowling Tournament). This is a typical evening of Irish Road Bowling in Rugby, TN.

Enjoy a FREE outdoor participant/spectator game of Irish Road Bowling right in the middle of Rugby on slightly traveled Rugby Parkway.

Teams form as the game starts, depending on who is there. All ages! Takes about one hour on the route used. Play or just watch as the game proceeds west, then east. We yell “CAR” to clear the pavement if one approaches.

Starting point is the Historic Rugby Print Shop, or near it. This involves tossing an iron ball down the road, with the team making it back to the finish (also start) in the fewest throws being declared that day’s CHAMPIONS and getting their picture on Historic Rugby’s Facebook page! A sooty trophy (survived Harrow Road Cafe fire in 2020) is held in the photo.

Much fun is had by all. (Visit YouTube to see how it’s played in Ireland. We don’t bet on the outcome like they do. Our teams are very amateur/impromptu!)

START TIME FOR TEAM PICKS IS 6 p.m. EASTERN, or 5 Central for those coming across the nearby bridge from Fentress County 


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Rugby Irish Road Bowling (FREE)
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