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Located in the rolling hills of Tennessee, Southern Pride Distillery offers premium craft spirits. Distilled in a copper pot still, our products are created much like those of our ancestors. We use locally grown corn milled at the distillery and our water comes from a natural spring located beside the distillery. Stop by for a visit and let us take you on a tour of the distillery, and natural spring. Just like the hills of Tennessee mean home to us, so does treating our customers like family.  We now have different types of whiskey available.  Summer's approaching, stop by and stock up on your favorite spirits.

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Tours also include a visit to our warehouse
Warehouse Ricks
Tennessee Whiskey
Whiskey Offerings
Sugar Maple Rick
Sugar Maple and Barrels for Tennessee Whiskey
You can taste our award winning shine's when you stop by for a tour.
Award Winning Moonshine
Barrel  Aging Warehouse
Warehouse #1
We have plenty of wildlife to view
Ducks on the lake.
A cold day here at the distillery
Beautiful Winter Snow
These ducks make the small lake behind the distillery home.
Fall in the South
Grain to Glass Distillery
Southern Pride Distillery
Tennessee Whiskey Trail
Stop by for a Visit
Pot Still
Southern Pride Distillery
Monday Thru Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00PM
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For the most up-to-date hours and information, please contact Southern Pride Distillery directly.

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