Vision 2020 works with and for the community of Red Boiling Springs to stimulate interest and awareness of our history; to encourage appreciation of the attributes of our community; to promote preservation of historic resources; and to create an environment that will improve the quality of life. We do this partly through special events and art classes that target visitors far and wide.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that is fully volunteer supported.

At one time, Red Boiling Springs was the second largest resort in Middle Tennessee.  It was founded on the abundance of mineral waters located along the Salt Lick Creek basin.  The tiny village hosted thousands of visitors every year during the season.  There were 9 large hotels and a dozen boarding houses plus family homes that rented out bedrooms to the overflow crowd.  Celebrities, politicians and professional men brought there families to spend the summer in a cooler and healthier climate.

Today, three of the historic hotels remain along the banks of the creek.  Life here is a slower pace, a step back in time.

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