Plants & Wildlife | Tennessee Vacation

Do you delight in observing nature, hearing songbirds, watching deer gambol, seeing the beauty and grace of a monarch butterfly perched on a milkweed, the swiftness of a cottontail, watching hummingbirds fill up on nectar from trumpet vines? Tennessee is a never-never land for lovers of plants and wildlife.

Tennessees bountiful wildlife flourishes in favorable habitats, thanks to our healthy abundance of native trees, shrubs, ground cover, vines and wildflowers, many of which provide food and shelter to our fauna. Tennessees state parks and forests, natural areas, refuges and abundant waterways offer diverse natural, recreational and cultural experiences. Go on a songbird walk. Keep looking up! You may catch sight of bald and golden eagles. 

Exciting exhibits, lush gardens with native wildflowers and trees, outdoor classrooms, hiking trails and more combine to charm visitors in our nature centers. Find your botanical passion. Browse landscapes par excellence and revel in elegance and excellence, simplicity and pleasantness of our unique growing places. Camera ready? Capture the tiger swallowtail on the purple coneflower! Your eyes will be dancing with the cascade of color from Tennessee wildflowers.

Our high mountains, fertile valleys, wooded ridges, plateaus, elevated plain, rich farm country and coastal plain work in harmony with our plentiful waterways to provide ideal habitats for wildlife and flora.