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Butterfly Hill Ranch

444 Grant Hwy
Gordonsville, TN 38563
Contact Email: 
(615) 557-4209

The Butterfly Hill Ranch specializes as an accomodation that combines a peaceful country atmosphere with relaxing services such as massage and reki, and outdoor recreation such as horseback riding, hiking and camping.

The owners, Claudia & Bruce Roberson, are high-tech urbanites that come from the metropolis of Miami. Realizing that they wanted more in our lives than concrete, chrome, and glass, they sought out a place where we could get back in touch with nature, grow our own food, raise animals, and live a more peaceful life. Through their ongoing efforts Butterfly Hill Ranch has become such a place.

They offer the same transformational experience to others that they have made for themselves. At Butterfly Hill Ranch you can:
•Stay for a night, or even longer, in our bed and breakfast suite.
•Enjoy the harvest of our organic garden; learn how to grow your own.
•Play for just a little while with one of our Siberian Husky puppies and you'll be taking one home!
•Commune with nature, ride the horses, feed the cows, and cluck with the chickens.

Butterfly Hill is an experience and a way of life not just a Bed & Breakfast. Beyond beautiful accomadations we offer a curriculum of things to do during your stay at Butterfly Hill Ranch:

Classes and Workshops

ButterflyHill Ranch offers more than pretty scenery and a beautiful Bed & Breakfast. Their classes and workshops cover a mulitute of offerings from organic gardening, self enrighment to relaxation techniques. Here is a list of classes offered. Go to their Website for more information on the schedule and pricing.

•Organic Gardening
•Self sufficiency
•History, Iconography and more
•Therapeutic Belly Dance – Celebrating the Feminine Energy
•Rain Drop Therapies
444 Grant Hwy
Gordonsville, TN 38563

Phone: (615) 686-1912 /
(615) 557-4209
Website: http://www.butterflyhillranch.com/

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