Military History | Tennessee Vacation

From frontier days to the 21st century, the courage, ingenuity and foresight of Tennesseans have played leading roles in the wars that shaped our nation.

Learn about Revolutionary War hero and Knoxville founder Gen. James White when you visit his log home, which once served as capital of the Southwest Territory.

One of Tennessees most famous sons, soldier, frontiersman and Congressman David Crockett, lived in several areas in Tennessee. At The Hermitage, learn about Andrew Jackson, soldier, hero of the War of 1812 and president of the United States. Stand on the hallowed ground of Shiloh and Stones River, where thousands fell in bloody battles.

The U.S. Navys first admiral, David Farragut, originally from the Knoxville area, was commissioned as a midshipman at only nine years old. A hero in the Civil War for his victory at Mobile Bay, Farragut is known for his order to Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.

Pay homage to World War I hero Sgt. Alvin York by visiting his home and the school he established. Find out how Cordell Hull influenced the events of World War II. Learn the amazing role that the Secret City of Oak Ridge played in ending the war.


Experience Tennessee’s Military History

From the Overmountain Men and their stunning victory against Cornwallis’ forces in the Revolutionary War to the to the scientific advances of World War II, Tennessee has been in the forefront of military history.