Remarkable Tennesseans | Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee is a cradle of courage and creativity, known for contributions to arts, science and world events. Pioneers and explorers, statesmen and presidents; and innovators in countless fields, including the people who changed the American soundtrack.

Words and music, daring deeds and brilliant innovations are all part of the story of remarkable Tennesseans. Pioneers Daniel Boone, David Crockett and Sam Houston pushed the boundaries of our nation. Visit Crocketts birthplace, his childhood home, Crockett Tavern, and his last home in Rutherford.

The Cherokee silversmith Sequoyah is the only person in history to create an independent writing system for a nonliterate people. James Agee, Adolph Ochs, Alex Haley, Frances Hodgson Burnette and Cormac McCarthy helped put Tennessee at the literary forefront.

W.C. Handy was the father of the blues, and B.B. King made them universal. Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips brought us a new kind of music; Estelle Axton helped it grow. Mary Costa, Dolly Parton,  Aretha Franklin and Justin Timberlake interpret our rich culture through music. Jack Daniel and Jungle Jack Hanna; Wilma Rudolph, Pat Summitt and Peyton Manning; brilliant Oak Ridge scientists and world-changing statesmen have all called Tennessee home. 


Remarkable Tennesseans

Travel the Volunteer State in the footsteps of adventurous pioneers. Let our heroes inspire you. Taste the fruits of our innovations in food and drink. Sing along to the sounds Tennessee brought to the world stage. Learn how Tennesseans changed the course of history.