Heritage Towns | Tennessee Vacation

Tennessees heritage towns ring with robust tradition, character, craftsmanship and charm, each town offering its own unique take on Tennessees vibrant history and unique way of life.

Our oldest towns are rich with not only history but also variety. The storytelling tradition of Jonesborough, the Civil War stories of Collierville, the preservationist beginnings of Leipers Fork are only a few of the different viewpoints youll find as you travel the state. Visit towns built around architecture, art, archaeology or antiques; beverages, battlegrounds, backbeats and burgeoning industry—all are part of the past and the present in our heritage towns. 

Meet up with friends in one of the historical taverns found in Dandridge, or stroll the historic river town of Saltillo. Jonesborough, Tennessees oldest town, is beautifully restored and provides the perfect destination for an afternoon of shopping or an evening with the family.

Explore the historic districts, head for the town square or visit some of the local artisans. Boasting histories that have only grown richer with time, Tennessees heritage towns are a must do on any travel list.