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Tennessee Trip Guide – Summer Travel Inspiration
Photo Credit: Journal Communications Inc./Jeff Adkins

Tennessee Trip Guide – Summer Travel Inspiration

Hidden historic sites, sports games and leisurely outdoor activities.

School’s out. Sun’s out. It’s time to plan your summer vacation. Take in a Tennessee baseball game, explore historic, tucked away small towns and enjoy the refreshing waterholes and shaded trails in state and national parks.

Tennessee Sports

Whichever sport is your favorite, you can find it in Tennessee. Watch a game or play one. Swing a golf club or a bat. Make a basket or a touchdown. Ride waves or dirt bike jumps. It’s all here in Tennessee.

History, Caves and More

Learn the true stories and the folklore that surround the state. Find them in small towns, bustling cities, museums and even caves. You’ll find active archeological sites, museums filled with timeless artifacts and homes meticulously preserved as they all tell Tennessee’s story.


Load up a boat for a day on the water. Take a bike ride through a scenic state park. Hike to a lookout point and watch the sunset. Fill your summer days with nature-filled activities in Tennessee.